Rombos Hand Towel

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The Rombos Hand Towel is inspired by the intricate and beautiful geometric designs found on the facades of ancient Mayan ruins throughout southern Mexico. This piece is a great addition to your bathroom or kitchen, crafted in neutral tones with a delicate fringe.

The Rombos Hand Towel is woven with 100% cotton on the foot-loom by weavers of the Zincantan community in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Each piece takes 2 days to complete. Due to the handcrafted nature, there may be slight variations. 

Your purchase helps preserve millennial craft traditions, provides economic empowerment to artisans, and contributes to social programs for artisan communities. Learn More ⇢



ORIGIN: Zincantan, Chiapas, Mexico

MAKER: Mayarte Cooperative | Meet The Artisans ⇢

PROCESS: Foot-loom weaving Learn The Process 

MATERIALS: 100% Cotton 

COLOURS: Ivory & Light Grey, Sage, Rust, Blush

SIZE: 20" x 28"

    • Machine wash cold in the delicate cycle in delicates bag. 
    • Line dry, or dry on low heat in the delicate cycle in delicates bag.