Terracota Accent Rug

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Bring the warmth of this rich terracota accent rug to your bedside, bathroom, kitchen or doorway.

The Terracota Accent Rug is hand woven on the traditional foot-loom by a family of weavers in Momostenango, Guatemala using local sheep's wool. The terracota colour is dyed naturally using tree bark (corteza in Spanish) and the white colour is that of the natural wool fibres.

Each rug takes 3-4 days to dye and 2-4 days to weave. Due to the handcrafted nature, there may be slight variations. 

Your purchase helps preserve millennial craft traditions, provides economic empowerment to artisans, and contributes to social programs for artisan communities. Learn More ⇢

*Note that the 2.7' x 4.5' rug is made to order and will arrive 6 weeks after you purchase. Varying sizes are also available, please email info@thekalahome.com and we will happily process your request.  


ORIGIN: Momostenango, Guatemala

MAKER: Luis Family Cooperative | Meet The Artisans ⇢

PROCESS: Foot-loom Flat Weaving  | Learn The Process 

MATERIALS: 100% Wool Surface, 100% Cotton Warp, Tree Bark Dye


COLOUR: Terracota & White

SIZE: 2.0' x 3.0' , 2.7' x 4.5'

FEATURES: Low-Pile, Flat Woven

    • Vacuum lightly regularly.
    • Avoid prolonged direct sun exposure.
    • In case of spill, spot clean gently with a moistened cloth and light detergent.