Natural Kapok Mattress - Beige & Ivory Stripe

$260.00 CAD

Combining traditional Guinean weaving and indigo-dyeing methods with Nordic design the Natural Kapok Mattress is crafted from hand-spun, handwoven, hand-dyed cotton. The result is a wondrously soft and plush mattress topper perfect for creating a cozy nook. Think curling up with a favourite read, movie nights, or an afternoon nap.

Naturally dyed with traditional techniques.

Filled with Kapok fibres, a soft natural fibre which is naturally hypoallergenic. 

Origin: Guinea

Maker: Handwoven by Tensira Artisans under fair trade standards.  

Process: Handspun, handwoven, hand-dyed.

Materials: 100% untreated cotton cover, 100% kapok filling

Colour: Beige & Ivory

Size:  W 24" x L 52"

Care: Dry clean