Classic Ethiopian Cotton Hand Towel | Grey & Ivory

$38.00 CAD

A timeless classic of natural elegance and elevated design. 

Handwoven using time-honoured weaving traditions and hand-dyed with natural, environmentally friendly dyes (all AZO free and REACH certified), these hand towels are the perfect addition to your bathroom.  Super absorbent and quick-drying, these towels will continue to soften with every wash.

Slight variations add to the distinct beauty of products that are entirely made by hand.

Origin: Ethiopia

Maker: Designed by Sabahar, ethically handwoven by artisans in Ethiopia. 

Process: Handwoven

Materials: 100% Hand-Spun Cotton, AZO-free dyes

Colour: Grey & Ivory

Size: Approximately 16" wide x 26" long

      Care: Machine wash and tumble dry low.