Nubuck Wide Tote

Nubuck Wide Tote

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The Nubuck Wide Tote is an everyday bag for all your needs. Simple design for any day or evening. A bit wider that the Classic Tote with comfortable leather straps and a brass zipper closure and inner pocket compartment. 

This Leather Collection is made with premium cowhide using sustainable methods in our tanning process to ensure high-quality heirloom products that will stand the test of time as they patina overuse. 

Origin: Kenya 

Maker: Designed and made by Meyelo artisans in Kenya under the practice of fair trade principles.

Process: Sustainable methods in leather tanning. Handcrafted. 

Materials: 100% Natural Cowhide Leather

Colour: Tan


Height: 14"
Width: 18" 
Depth: 6 1/2"
Strap Length: 10"

Care: No maintenance is needed as the character of the material is enhanced with use. Do not wash your leather in a washing machine or submerge in liquid. For spot cleaning, we recommend cold water, cotton cloth and a light blotting method.

Give Back: Mayelo donates a portion of every purchase to support sustainable community development projects in Kenya.