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Kala Collective - Antigua, Guatemala

Our journey began in Antigua, Guatemala. Located just outside of Guatemala City, this beautiful colonial town, formally the capital is chock-full of history, colour, and character. Today, Antigua is a lively tourist hub for both visitors and locals alike.

We spent our days here walking down the cobblestone streets, soaking up the warm weather, admiring the breathtaking lush volcanic scenery, and exploring the many markets, colonial buildings, countless churches, ruins, restaurants and boutiques. 

Antigua Guatemala - Kala Collective

Kala Collective - Antigua Guatemala

 Antigua Guatemala - Chicken Bus - Kala Collective

Some of our favourite places to visit were the local Artisan Market and a co-operative called Nim Po't, both filled to the brim with amazing woven textiles - precisely what we came to Guatemala to learn about and see!

Kala Collective - Guatemala - Textiles

Textiles are of significant cultural importance for indigenous Mayan people, and the traditional woven outfits are still worn with pride to this day by the majority of indigenous women, and some men, particularly in the highlands of Guatemala where there is a larger Mayan population. 

The traditional outfit for women consists of a Huipil (a handwoven and colourfully embroidered tunic top) a Corte (a wrap skirt made with dyed foot-loom fabric) a Faja (an intricately embroidered belt), and a Tocoyal or headpiece. What is most amazing about this on-going tradition, is that each community in Guatemala has a distinct pattern and style of traditional dress, which is recognizable by others. These regional patterns go back to colonial times and are distinct based on the ethnic group, region, and social standing.

Kala Collective - Guatemala - Mayan Textiles

Today, textiles are both used for traditional purposes, as well as modern applications. Walking down the streets and markets you will see the beautiful textile patterns on bags, footwear, and home furnishings. 

All-in-all our stay in Antigua was amazing, and we would highly recommend this colourful destination for your next adventure! Antigua is filled with cultural points of interest, amazing restaurants, bars, hotels and boutiques. It is also a great hub for transportation to get to other locations in Guatemala and it is the perfect starting point for a trek to the surrounding volcanoes, which can all be arranged by one of the many travel agencies in town. 

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So many! We would recommend walking your way through the entire central hub which spans about 10 blocks in either direction.


Artisan Market & Nim P'ot


Rainbow Cafe (amazing for breakfast)

Tacool (great authentic tacos and Mexican food)


Planning a trip to Antigua? Drop us a comment below if you have any questions or would like recommendations. 

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