Kala Collective - Our Story

Kala Home was born out of a love of traditional craft, a passion for ethical business, and a desire to provide you, our customer, with better options.

At Kala Home we are devoted to curating ethically-made goods that add value and beauty to your life.

For us, home is at the centre of it all. We want to help you create inspiring environments that elevate your everyday, encourage you to slow down and appreciate the beauty found in the simple moments.


KALA [kah-lah]: Noun - Skilled Craft (Sanskrit) & Good (Greek).

HOME: Noun - A safe place to live, love, and be inspired.


Our Story 

Kala Home began with a desire to pursue more meaningful work where values are inherent in the everyday. 

Inspired by travels, Camila's Colombian heritage, the grounding nature of traditional craft, and a love for relaxed and laid back design, we sought out to create Kala Home. We envisioned a marketplace, where real connections are made between maker and consumer, and where the origin, the maker, and the materials of a product are celebrated. 

In 2018, Camila travelled to Guatemala and Mexico to meet our first artisan partners. This labour of love has transitioned and evolved over the years and we have since introduced artisan, and responsible brand partners from across the globe.

From our home-studio, Kala Home has been our passion side project. Our dream is to one day soon have this be our full-time endeavour. 

Thank you for coming along on our adventure, for choosing to live mindfully, and for taking the time to appreciate the beauty that is all around us. 


Business For Good

We believe conscious business has the power to be a source of good. Through Kala Home, we seek to empower makers, small businesses and consumers. We stand by  transparency, ethical & sustainable production and celebrating intentional living.
Above all, we are committed to investing a portion of yearly proceeds to  in the education, healthcare and entrepreneurship grants.