Kala Home is a destination for future heirlooms – thoughtful goods designed to bring beauty to your home & life.

Kala Home is a destination for future heirlooms – thoughtful goods designed to bring beauty to your home & life. Rooted in all that is handmade, we collaborate with small-scale artisans to offer high-quality pieces using natural materials. Founded in 2018 as a celebration of traditional craft and an antidote to the trend-driven fast decor industry, Kala Home takes a more intentional approach to design, curation, and production.

We work directly with artisans and artisan groups from around the globe to create timeless goods you will want to keep forever. Based in Canada, the company launched as an e-commerce platform and June of this year, expanded to bricks & mortar with a new shop on Prince Edward County Picton Main Street. 

KALA [kah-lah]: Skilled Craft (Sanskrit) & Good (Greek).

HOME:  A safe place to live, love, and be inspired.

Our Approach To Design

Our approach to design is slow - we love a home that feels collected over time. We are united in a love for warm, contemporary design and the desire to collaborate with makers. Our design approach is rooted in the overwhelming beauty of nature.

We work directly with artisans and artisan groups to create timeless goods you’ll want to keep for years to come.

Meet The Founder - Camila Sinisterra

With a love of humanity, Camila has long been inspired by people and their expression of culture.

She founded Kala Home, an e-commerce company specializing in handcrafted home & lifestyle goods, as a way to bridge this enthusiasm for community and traditional craft.

Her passion was sparked during her studies in international development and global public health, which led her to working and volunteering abroad with organizations in Central and South America. 

Kala Home was created to elevate artisans and their work, taking a much more intentional approach to design.

Business For Good

We believe conscious business has the power to be a source of good. Through Kala Home, we seek to empower makers, small businesses and consumers.

We stand by  transparency, ethical & sustainable production and celebrating intentional living. Above all, we are committed to investing a portion of yearly proceeds to in the education, healthcare and entrepreneurship grants.

Our Values

People First

People are at the heart of everything we do.

We are committed to above fair trade wages, fostering dignified working environments and preserving cultural traditions.


We care deeply about how we show up in the world and how we live our values.

Intentional Approach

We are intentional with all of our actions.

Our sustainability standard is to positively impact everyone involved in the creation of goods – from our artisan partners to of course, the environment itself.