Creating Mindful Spaces At Home

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Mindfulness is something we strive for. This daily practice helps us stay in the moment, appreciate the small things around us, and in turn brings joy to our everyday.

To us, home is our refuge. It's a place for you to recharge, to gather, to love and to enjoy the small happenings of everyday life, which is why we believe in the importance of creating mindful spaces throughout your home.  Mindfulness - Kala Collective - Creating Mindful Spaces in your homeCreating mindful spaces can be done on a large scale, using design and aesthetic choices to inspire a mood - for us, we think of beautiful neutral earthy palettes, bright white and airy rooms, and lots of natural elements - this is what makes us feel our best.

Creating mindful spaces can also be done on a small scale, by incorporating personal items and small details throughout that spark a pause, inspiration and appreciation when noticed. We've compiled a list of ways for you to create mindful spaces in your home, so without further ado: 

5 Ways To Create Mindful Spaces At Home

1. Use Natural Materials 

It's no secret that spending time in nature is a great way of practicing mindfulness. Nature has a way of pulling us in. Take notice next time you catch yourself staring at a sunset, or watching waves roll in.

Incorporating natural materials into your home is a way of bringing in nature's grounding and calming properties. We love using raw materials and textures, from wool rugs and cotton blankets to palm woven baskets. We also love the look and feel of natural wooden elements, especially reclaimed wood, and simple earthy pottery always gets our attention!

San Juan Blanket  

 2. Fill Your Home with Stories 

There are several ways to add story and character to your home from upcycling furniture, to finding great antique pieces, to purchasing handmade and one-of-a-kind goods. 

One of our favourite DIY projects to date has been our headboard, which is made of reclaimed wood from the Rideau Canal Locks. We love its uniqueness, it's raw feel and the history that comes with the reclaimed materials used. 

Kala Collective - Bedroom Decor - Mindful Spaces

3. Get Hygge With It

This Danish practice has gained popularity over the last couple of years, and for good reason! Hygge is about nurturing togetherness, warmth, relaxation, and simple pleasures in our lives.

A simple way to create a welcoming environment is to play on all the senses by adding candles, cozy textures, a warm palette and comfortable furniture to make you and your guest feel right at home.

4. Display Items of Significance 

Instead of putting away your most prized possessions, why not display them with the intention to enjoy on and use on a day-to-day basis. Whether that be family photos, heirloom pieces, your favourite books, or the comfiest throw. 
Think about displaying these items in a manner that not only makes these items accessible but also inspires you to use or admire them more regularly.
Kala Collective - Mindful Nook -

5. Create a mindful nook 

If you are looking to make your mindfulness practice more of a set daily ritual, we suggest making a dedicated mindful nook or corner.

Whether it's your bedside table with a gratitude journal, a corner of a room that is dedicated to yoga or meditation, a shelf in your kitchen that has all of your favourite cookbooks, or a set space in your bathroom with your favourite bath products. Reflect on what daily activities draw you in and help you pause, and dedicate a space in your home to having the things you love in your nook. 


So how are you incorporating mindfulness into your home? Leave us a comment below - we'd love to hear from you! 

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