Chiapas, Mexico 

Kala Collective - Artisans - Kip Tik

40 Artisan Groups

Across 11 Municipalities

Located in San Cristobal de las Casas, in the state of Chiapas Mexico, Kip Tik, meaning "Our Force" in the local Mayan dialect works with 40 artisan groups across 11 municipalities of the the highlands of Chiapas.
Kip Tik works to provide access to international markets, diversify and innovate artisanal techniques for the local artisan communities. Kip Tik's artisans work from their homes and communities and are able to provide for their families with their traditional crafts.
We are proud to partner with Kip Tik and the various artisan groups to create beautiful pieces and preserve Mayan weaving traditions. We are committed to investing 10% of proceeds directly into artisan development grants for the artisan groups we work with directly.