Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 

Kala Collective - Artisans - Maya Traditinos

120 Artisan Members

500 Community Beneficiaries

Located on the shores of Lake Atitlan in the highlands of Guatemala, Maya Traditions partners with skilled indigenous female artisans to leverage traditional Maya heritage and art. Recognized as one of the early leaders in the Fair Trade model in Guatemala, Maya Traditions now works with over 120 indigenous women through 6 artisan cooperatives in various towns around Lake Atitlan and its surrounding highlands. 

 Maya Traditions weaves in tools, trainings, and grassroots social programs to support artisans, their families, and their communities. Social programs cover artisan business development, community health, youth education scholarships and trainings to preserve Maya traditions within the younger generations.

We are proud to partner with Maya Traditions and we are committed to investing 10% of our proceeds directly into these social programs, benefitting not only our artisan partners but the greater community.

Artisan Cooperatives

Waqxaqi' Kan Cooperative of Chuacruz 

The Waqxaqi' Kan Cooperative was founded in 1982, during the Guatemalan civil war. During the civil war in Guatemala, this community experienced much violence and many women were left widows. In order to support their families and rebuild their community, the women joined together to seek economic opportunities. 

Today, the cooperative (composed of 10 members, some of whom have been members since the start) works in close partnership with various groups to produce intricate textiles and hand embroideries. 

Qato Q'ib Cooperative of Chirijox

The Qato Q'ib Cooperative was founded in 1989 by three K'iche Maya female artisans in the small village of Chirijox in the highlands of Guatemala. With now 14 members, this cooperative specializes in weaving intricate brocade designs on the traditional backstrap loom. 

Flor Juanera Cooperative of San Juan La Luguna

Located on the southern shores of Lake Atitlan, in the colourful town of San Juan La Laguna the Flor Juanera Cooperative composed of 14 active members specializes in natural plant-dyes and intricate jaspe weaving techniques. 

The cooperative was founded in 1992 with the goals of providing for their families and preserving the Maya Tz’utujil culture.

Nawal Ja' Cooperative of Nahuala 

Located high in the mountains in the K'iche Maya town of Nahuala, the Nawal Ja' Cooperative pride themselves in producing complex geometric brocade designs that are traditional to the area. 

The young women in this cooperative founded their group in 2012 with the goal of creating financial opportunities for themselves and their families.