Kala Collective - Artisans - Philosophy

We believe in Business that does good.

Through the design and production of each Kala Collective product doing 'good' remains at the forefront of every decision we make. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to forming meaningful relationships with each of our artisan partners, to designing products and collections that will stand the test of time, our priority is to do 'good'. 

People First


Above Fair Wages
Ethical and Dignified Working Conditions
Preserving & Celebrating Cultures and Local Tradition


We advocate for 
responsible purchasing.

Natural, Locally-Sourced, High-Quality Materials
Hand-Crafted and Built to Last
Timeless Design


We use the power 
business to do good.

10% of Proceeds Reinvested into Artisan Communities
Education, Healthcare, and Entrepreneurship Grants


We believe every person in the world, regardless of where they are from, has the right to thrive.

Kala Collective has set out to create a line of beautiful, ethically and responsibly sourced home goods that give back. We believe in the power of business for social good. Through our work, we provide marginalized communities with the opportunity to reach a global marketplace and earn a sustainable income. Your purchase enables us to provide our artisan partners with above fair wages, comparable to professional wages in the region, good working conditions in their own homes and dignified employment. This allows our artisan partners, who are mostly women, the ability to meet their family's needs and provide their children with bright futures.

Above all, we are committed to reinvesting 10% of proceeds back into artisan communities.

This investment will provide education, healthcare and entrepreneurial grants to the artisans and their families. We hope to make a positive economic and social impact in a way that creates change and freedom for our collective. All of the organizations and cooperatives we partner with work within the fair trade principals, enabling the artisans to set their working wages, and having the interests of the artisans and communities at the forefront.

We are personally striving to make Kala Collective officially Fair Trade and B-Corp Certified, and we are constantly improving our efforts to do good. 

Kala Collective - Social Impact