Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 

50 Artisan Members

200 Community Beneficiaries

Kala Collective - Artisans - Yabal

Luis Alvarado Family of Momostenango

The town of Momostenango, located in the Eastern mountains of Guatemala is a well-known centre of Guatemalan organic wool products. Ya'bal partners with the Alvarado family who weaves 100% natural blankets and carpets from local wool. The Alvarados manage every step of the eco-friendly production process: from hand-carding and spinning; to dying with natural dyes; to finally weaving the blankets on the foot-loom. The Alvarados make their dyes from plants and minerals, most of which are grown or found on their own land. With income from their wool rugs and blankets, they've managed to send all 6 of their children to school!

Ya'bal was founded in 2005 to offer support to two communities in the highlands of Guatemala that were severely affected by Hurricane Stan. Today, Ya'bal works as a Fair Trade social enterprise, providing economic opportunities for their artisan partners as well as running social programming for the artisan's families and communities. 

Ya'bal's social programs include artisan business development, a micro-credit program, educational scholarships, a food security program and a new mothers fund to provide artisan mothers the opportunity to take a maternity leave. 

We are proud to partner with Ya'bal and we are committed to investing 10% of our proceeds directly into their social programs benefitting not only our artisan partners but their families and the greater community.