Hoop Cup

$28.00 CAD

Elevate your everyday rituals. The Hoop Cup is simply designed with a notable circular handle. A natural earthy finish exterior and a clear glazed interior. Perfect for sipping your morning coffee or tea. 

Sold individually or as a set of 4.

Please note - only darker terracotta colour is available. 

Origin: Jalisco, Mexico

Maker: Designed and crafted by artisans of Al Centro America. 

Process: Handcrafted ceramics. 

Materials: High-temperature ceramic and local terracotta clay

Colour: Natural terracotta. The final earth tones and textures are the result of the different combinations of clays exposed to the heat of the fire.

Size: 3.14"D

Care: Handwash with care. Avoid contact with greasy substances. 

Note: Because of the handmade nature some imperfections may occur, giving each piece a unique quality.